BYOB [Bring your own box]

Feel free to supply your own plates at events or to bring your own pizza container, if we don’t have to create waste then we don’t want to! We would also of course, pass on the packaging costs you would save us. 


All of our (non-animal product) waste is composted ourselves, this returns some of the energy used in the production of the packaging back to the earth.

Grow yer’ own

We also started growing our own Genovese basil and parsley from seed this summer, which will soon be fed our compost and used at events throughout the year.

About that packaging...





For events our pizzas are served on biodegradable plates made from waste sugarcane fibres, or in takeaway boxes for people on the go, which are made from recycled cardboard and our business cards and napkins are made of 100% recycled, unbleached paper.


There’s a lot of discussion online about whether pizza boxes can be recycled at home. The answer is usually. If your box is mostly clean, then it can be recycled.

Check with your recycling centre for details because this can depend on your local council’s guidelines. If you *have* managed to make a dog’s dinner of your pizza box (don’t worry, it happens), then you can either tear off and recycle the clean top half of the box and compost/mulch the other. To allow it to break down quickly enough in your compost bin however, you'll need to tear it to smithereens!

Pizza dough didn’t used to be made with machines, we respect tradition by making ours by hand. It’s meditative, means a bigger focus on the process, plus it saves electricity, which is good news all round!